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MINTclass is transforming how schools visualise and utilise student information!

Helping improve teachers efficiency.

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Saving you Time

Take a room, a lesson, some students and create a layout template with ease. All the desired academic and pastoral data is displayed alongside the individual's name and picture.
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Covering a Class

MINTclass makes covering a lesson just that little bit easier. Use MINTclass to see where students should sit and all their relevant info. Great for new staff and supply teachers as well.
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One system for all

No more seating plans on bits of paper, in spreadsheets or worse still, nowhere at all! MINTclass at your school ensures everyone uses the same system across all classrooms.

Anytime, anywhere

Access MINTclass whether you are at home or in school. MINTclass works just as well on iPads and Tablets, there's no need for an app, it's optimised to work just as easily on tablets as it is on desktop!
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Print classes

Being inspected by OFSTED or need a print out for reference? No problem, the class will be condensed to fit A4 sheets and have all the relevant student data displayed.
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Sort the class easily

Let MINTclass automatically place students either alphabetically, by gender, SEN or randomly. Or add pupils manually on the seat of your choice. You're in complete control.
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Student Profile

Get a full profile for each student. Timetable, grades, seating position along with Pupil Premium and SEN data is all at your fingertips and on
one easy display.
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Share with staff

Staff handovers and absence covers are now straight forward. All plans can be shared amongst all staff. No more losing precious information when staff move on.
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Do you have information that is unique to your school or classes? All MINTclass fields, templates and terminology are all customisable to reflect your true school environment.
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Safe mode

Some student data is sensitive, MINTclass safe mode allows you to show the students the plan without revealing any confidential information about their peers.
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Automatic Data

Connect directly with your MIS using our data connection tool. Seamlessly connect with your school data and automatically populate any MINTclass product with ease.


An encrypted website on a super secure server is tied to your school network, so only your school can see your information. MINTclass is fully supported by our development team.

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MINTclass is our teachers most favourite software tool. They loved it from day one
and appreciate that so much information is pulled together in a user friendly format.
George Abbot School

Finally got the go ahead for MINTclass a few weeks back. 
Been using it since and it's brilliant!

It is so convenient and intuitive to use that teachers throughout the school,
regardless of their own technical know-how, have really backed the move.
Tolworth Girls' School
#mynewfavoritething. Wow what a time saver. 
The training was very relevant and straightforward. 
The trainer was extremely helpful and answered all questions we put to her.
St Anne's R. C. High School
20 minutes in, tbh I am very impressed with MINTclass - a tool to make teaching
less cumbersome is worth looking at!
MINTclass is an invaluable tool for planning, with all SEND, G&T and general information and strategies 
for all our students available at our fingertips.
Shirley High School
Used MINTclass today for the first time and I loved it, so easy and quick :D 
and such a great help for all academy staff.
We have looked at several Seating Planners and MINTclass seemed by far the best option. It's functionality is definitely ahead of the competition.
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