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Greenshaw High School, in Surrey is a dynamic and ambitious secondary school with a vision to nurture it's students to help them reach their full potential. Here, George Bligh, iLearning co-ordinator and governor at the school, explains how Greenshaw uses MINTclass to improve student behaviour and boost attainment.

Almost two years ago, George met MINTclass at a Frog Education event and the rest was history! He said: "We attended the event, where they occupied a stand, and happened to be looking, at that time, for a partner to help us with our seating plans. Once we had a demonstration of the product, it didn't take us long to sign-up and by September 2014, MINTclass was being used throughout our school.

"We were looking for help with our seating plans, it didn't take us long to sign up at all!"

"We had half a day of training at their offices, where we took two of our technical team and 7 or 8 heads of departments who would be leading the implementation. We were met by one technical expert and one that was more teaching and learning focused, which ensured we gained a balanced understanding. Both of them made it really simple for our staff; there was no 'techy' jargon, it was very straightforward! The training was of an excellent standard and meant that we didn't require any follow up sessions. If teachers get stuck using the system, they use the online guides that they've found to be extremely comprehensive".

"Before MINTclass, teachers were using PowerPoint or basic spreadsheets which was time consuming and a bit unorganised. Now, it's so much easier! They have a classroom layout set up for them by one of the admin staff and simply have to choose which students sit where by dragging and dropping them in their seats. As the planner is linked to SIMS, our teachers don't have to look up the pupils' names or photos, it's all done for them.

"MINTclass helps staff identify students easily, ensuring the lesson runs smoothly"

"When staff return for the new term in September, we have two INSET days and one of them will focus on assessing student data and ensuring it corresponds with classroom seating plans. We generally suggest that staff change their plans every half-term, but some teachers will adapt it whenever they need to, for example, if they have a new pupil join their class.

"MINTclass has been particularly useful for cover teachers, who we've had to use quite frequently recently due to long-term staff sickness. It allows them to come into a class, select the lesson they are covering and automatically gain access to a pre-determined seating plan. This means that students can't play up and try to sit with their friends, so generally there is less disruption for the cover teacher. It also means the teacher can quickly get to know the pupils, identifying which have special educational needs, or which are the most disruptive, so they can ensure the lesson runs as smoothly as possible".

"We're huge fans of MINTclass, we would recommend it to anyone"

"MINTclass has definitely helped towards improving behaviour across the school, which has always been one of our key priorities, so we're really pleased! We are huge fans of the system and would recommend it to anyone. We've already had enquiries from other schools that are interested in using it, so we'll be ensuring that they give it a go!".
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