Do you have a software idea that you'd love to 

see built and think will benefit other schools?

We can develop your idea and your school can share in any revenue.

We'll even build the best idea for free!

Minted Box are the development team behind MINTclass and build clever technologies for businesses like Tesco, Vodafone, Royal Mail and 100's more.

We are always flexible, innovative and ready to take on a brilliant idea then make it work.

We think that it's always better to listen to school staff and build technology that specifically answers the teachers' needs.

Our development team provide a direct route for great ideas to be designed and built and usually at a one off cost or even free!

Please outline your idea. Let us know about it with as much information as you'd like to tell us at this stage.

Who you'll think your idea will benefit and why it could be such a winner.
We'll then get in touch and discuss it further with you.

Feel free to upload any documents you have to explain your idea.
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