How MINTclass helped George Abbot School
Important data was being stored in different folders and was difficult to locate. MINTclass brought everything together in a simple interface.

At George Abbot we had a perennial problem - staff were spending expensive hours every term creating seating plans and adding relevant information/annotating them (time they ideally should have been using to plan and prepare lessons). Only for them to be immediately out of date when a student joined/left the class, moved seats or when the next assessment/progress/ SEN data was collected and updated via our MIS (we use SIMS).

"Staff spent precious time manually rewriting plans that lacked coherence"

We also had a real problem of important data being stored in different folders that staff found difficult to locate in our ever expanding school shared drive. All of these issues meant that staff spent precious time manually rewriting their own plans that followed no common design or structure and hence lacked coherence in terms of the way seating planners were implemented. In all honesty most staff simply opted out and relevant data was forgotten/ignored when planning lessons and assessment or when giving feedback/meeting parents as it was just too much hard work.

"After adopting MINTclass, the transformation was instant"

We adopted MINTclass and the transformation was instant. Overnight staff could now design a seating plan specifically for their classroom, using either a preloaded template or by creating a new room plan (it takes under 2 mins), and then automatically add a student’s photos and details to the plan using a number of pre-sets if desired. Students can simply be dragged and dropped into place around the seating plan if they are asked to move or if the room layout changes.

A real benefit was that we had total control over which information should be attached to each photo (we focussed on SEN, Medical, Pupil Premium and Current/Target Grades) which allowed us to specifically focus staff on our whole school target of Closing the Gap.

"MINTclass is extremely intuitive, it's a winner"

We now have over 90% take-up in terms of seating plans produced for all lessons across the curriculum compared to under 30% which indicates staff find them easy to produce, maintain and use. On average a seating plan can be produced from scratch in under 2 minutes and training staff to do it takes a matter of minutes as it is extremely intuitive. If you want to save staff time and hence money, and in the process allow teachers to concentrate on more of their time and energy on planning, delivering and assessing outstanding lessons, then MINTclass is a winner.
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